Mar 21, 2017

Aerial Surveys – It Makes Sense.

UAVs are an incredibly versatile technology and the possibilities for their application are virtually limitless. One single low cost UAV survey can deliver raw imagery & a wide range of 2D and 3D data products.

The top 5 benefits of a UAV survey when compared to a traditional land survey

  1. More cost-effective
  2. Better quality data with both topographical data and high-resolution aerial imagery
  3. Site work completed more quickly
  4. Able to access difficult to reach or dangerous locations, reducing exposure to risk of surveyors
  5. No longer necessary to have full ground access to the proposed site

From a single visit to collect data this cannot only produce fantastic imagery but can also use these images to produce information in a wide variety of formats.

It makes sense call us Aerospec for your next survey.


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